lady_authoress (lady_authoress) wrote in therubypearl,


Well, I know I don't talk about The Ruby Pearl very often.

It's kind of a frustrating comic. I don't have the time now to give it the attention it needs; I'd rather update five pages every Friday than one, but I just can't draw that much right now. Unfortunately, a long-term epic doesn't do well one page per week. It's hard to create any sense of continuity or immidiacy or, well, anything, at that pace.

Then there's the art problem. That should improve this Friday. I've tried a few different things with the art, but the current art sucks. Sadly--it (generally) looks good on paper. There's this change, though, when the art goes into the computer. Different things look good on the computer than look good off the computer, and vice versa.

Well, at least we should be hitting a different art style, soon.

And, of course, there's ther problem of making things make sense. The glacial pace makes this even harder, as relevant plott points may occur a year apart. And even people who read the whole text at once probably won't *get* a lot of my points, just because the way I tell stories and the way other people understand them seems to be different.

Oh, well. At least the art will soon improve.
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